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Living Off-Grid: Bring Any Dead Battery Back To Life

That simple tool might save your batteries.

You see, in this letter, you’ll learn how Sean Morrison reconditioned his car battery when he truly needed it the most.

Over the past year, patriots that got access to these blueprints are reconditioning their old batteries. You heard that right. They stopped buying overpriced new batteries and now reuse their old batteries instead.

I’m aware that most people have no clue that it’s possible to recondition old batteries, let alone reuse them, month after month.

Of course, I don’t want to start any controversy, but before the B2L Blueprints were published, people were wasting their hard-earned money on new, expensive batteries too.

These simple blueprints are already saving people thousands of dollars in their daily lives, and absolutely anyone can follow these easy step-by-step methods.

These guides are simple, fast and you don’t need a degree to use them. Most importantly, you can recondition all kinds of dead batteries, including: 

Alkaline Batteries

Mobility Scooter Batteries

Cell Phone Batteries

Car Batteries

and the list goes on…

There is even a secret place where you can find dead batteries for FREE. You’ll learn about this secret place if you stay until the end of this short presentation. You would even be able to start reconditioning dead batteries you found for free and sell them for a profit,developing a great side income as Sean did!

Pay close attention to the following presentation as it might save you in case you are stranded without any of your life-savings devices…

I’m Sean Morrison.

And in this short letter, I’ll show you how to bring your dead batteries back to life.

Among those batteries are car batteries, laptop batteries, camera batteries, cell phone batteries, drill batteries, alkaline batteries…

They are all back to working after a few tweaks, as if they were new.

Now let me ask you a few questions…

How would you feel, knowing that you could recondition any kind of battery in less than 5 minutes ?

How much would you save a year by never buying new batteries again ?

What does it mean to you, to finally reach Energy Independence ?

As February 25, 2020, these B2L Blueprints are the only certified methods to recondition all kinds of batteries and save thousands of dollars each year.

You read that right.

You Can Easily Bring Any Dead Battery Back To Life

Without Any Electrical Skills or Degrees

Without Any Expensive Tools

Without Wasting Hours On It

The Less Knowledge You Have, The Better Actually.

You’ll be able to follow the simple B2L Blueprints really easily and to have a look at the pictures and diagrams to see if you’re doing it right.

Now today, I want to reveal the full story behind these powerful B2L Blueprints that most Americans know nothing about – but which was kept by some of the world’s most powerful companies such as NASA, GM and Exelon.

These Blueprints are completely new to the public

They are the personal work of my friend Robert, an ex-electrical egineer who got fired because he wouldn’t allow his company to have the full rights to his life’s work.

He worked hard, using his own resources and many secrets kept by HUGE Energy Companies to create this step-by-step B2L Blueprints where anyone can bring back to life any kind of battery.

I’m sure most Americans have never been able to recondition any batteries, from laptops and mobility scooters, to cars and simple alkaline batteries.

And if you tried but failed in the past, it is not your fault.

We have all watched the weird videos about battery reconditioning on YouTube.
Or the fake articles and dangerous step-by-step processes you can find on the Internet.

As part of this presentation, I’ll show you exactly how to take advantages of these B2L Blueprints to bring any kind of battery back to life. With Amazing and REAL results.

Before starting, I’d like to ask you NOT to share this presentation and to keep it secretly for yourself. Big Companies do not like when they are exposed, so this page might be taken down at any time.

Bring Your Batteries Back To Life: A Life Changing Experience

Now, like I mentioned, my name is Sean Morrison.

We weren’t always that happy.

At first, I didn’t want to make this educational video. It felt humiliating and painful.

Why would I want to share this private story with strangers ?

But we had a happy ending, the happiest ending, and I took it upon myself to share my story.

We, like already thousands of people across the world, are now energy independent. 

We haven’t bought a new battery for a year.

In this video, I’ll show you how to bring any kind of battery back to life without any skills and in less than 5 minutes.

And if you stay until the end, I’m going to reveal to you exactly where I am finding FREE dead batteries and how I am reconditioning them to have FREE energy.

You see, it all started when I lost my job.

No big deal, thousands of people are losing their jobs in this economy.

I found myself driving around, jumping from interview to interview.

It was then that I had the most difficult day of my life. 7 interviews, 7 Cold Hard “NOs.”

After the last interview, I decided to go back home to my loving family.

My wife was always supporting me, so I was confident I could get things to work.

But yet, in the middle of nowhere, at 8 PM, my car broke down.

I didn’t know what was going on.

I was alone.

My phone was dead. 

I decided to leave the car and wander around.

Nothing made sense. 

That was the last straw. 

I was unemployed, my car broke down.

I knew it was the battery because I couldn’t afford to change it a few weeks earlier.

Batteries Become more and more expensive: a whopping $439.48 for the cheapest model!

How could I afford it ?

Things, especially electrical things, are not made to last nowadays. 

In the past, batteries would last months if not years.

I would hardly change anything or buy any batteries.

And now ?

You have to buy batteries every week !

Once they died, you didn’t have any choice.

You had to replace them and they became more and more expensive.

So here I was,clueless, with no car and no phone because of those dead batteries.

While I was walking, I saw this small café on the side on the road.

I went inside and asked for a coffee. There was no one except this guy in the back who looked anxious.

I didn’t pay him too much attention at first, but when I got my coffee, I went to sit next to him.

He had a pile of papers on the table and started to hide them as I was coming.

“Hey, also having a bad day ?” I asked, trying to cheer both of us up.

“Sorry, don’t talk to me. That’s not a good idea.”

He was reluctant to talk and I could see that something was wrong.

“I’m Sean. Nice to meet you. Want a coffee too ? It’s on me.” I asked.

“Yes”. He muttered, very shyly.

We started to talk and after one hour of chit-chat, I discovered something that was going to change my life.

I saw that he felt comfortable with me now, so I finally asked him.

“So, what’s with all those papers and your anxious face?”

“Well. My name is Robert Davis, and I am an electrical engineer. I was actually, but I got fired.”

I actually remember that. It was in the beginning of the year.

“Engineer Fired For Doing His Job” - A Battery Reconditioning Program That Sparked Controversy

He gasped for air and continued.

“I was working on the Deep Cycles of Quantum Electro Mechanical Energy Machine.

Or to be put simply, on the reconditioning of batteries : laptops, cellphones, cars, mobility scooters, remote batteries, AAA batteries, … you name it.

This program was part of a hidden section, and I contributed to it 100% myself. I didn’t want to give the full rights to it because they were not going to release it to the public.

So they fired me”.

I couldn’t believe my ears.

“You mean to tell me that, you know exactly how to bring any kind of batteries back to their normal use ?” I asked

“Yeah. It’s pretty easy and fast actually. Everything is here.” as he showed me his pile of paper.

That was the sign I was hoping for.

Robert just confirmed that it was possible to bring any battery back to life.

I grabbed him and we rushed to my car. 

He was surprised but I explained to him my situation on the way there.

He gave me one file, and while he was reconditioning my car battery, I took care of my cell phone.

The Best Reconditioning Method?

“Wow. I’m done, my phone is back to working like usual!”

As I was screaming of relief, I heard the engine of my car starting back.

“I’m done too” said Robert.

5 minutes. 

That’s what it took us.

I took down Robert’s number and I drove back home.

It was late, everyone was sleeping already.

I couldn’t believe that for all this time I had been wasting my time and money, becoming endlessly frustrated with battery-related issues, when there was an easy solution available. It seemed unbelievable to me, but I had seen it with my own eyes. 

Though your batteries are not meant to last long, there is a way to bring them back to their normal state, in a cheap, easy and fast way.

I was wasting thousands of dollars, month after month.

That night I didn’t sleep, and I wrote Robert first thing in the morning.

The next day Robert arrived and we started to get to work.

Before he arrived, I gathered all my dead batteries.

I have been able to recondition and bring back to life more than 53 batteries that were completely dead.

$749.87 worth of batteries.

I was completely shocked.

“Robert, do you realize that your method actually works ?” I asked.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Robert was happy and completely in awe. 

Of course he knew.

He worked hard on it.

From there, we started to collect all kinds of batteries.

We discovered one unusual place where we are able to collect, day after day, hundreds of batteries.

Unlimited supplies of every kind of battery.

Completely for free.

Don’t worry, as promised, I will tell you at the end of this educational video what place that is. 

And don’t worry, every city in every country in the world has at least 6 or 7 places like our secret place.

Since this discovery, I have been able to bring back hundreds of batteries to 100% of their original condition. 

Saving $58 for these remotes batteries, $43 for this drill battery, $397 for my wife’s electronics.

Not only I was saving more than hundreds of dollars a month…

But I also have been able to start a side business by selling reconditioned batteries.

In less than a month, it became a stable source of income for my family, and I am working in my garage and spending more time with my wife and my beautiful daughter.

But it’s not only about money.

My family and I believe in a clean and better world.

We also believe that being energy independent should be a right for everyone.

We had solar panels in the back of our garage, but we were never able to use them to their full potential.

Battery banks cost more than thousands of dollars and you have to change them every two or three months.

Being green and independent was costing us too much.

But not anymore.

We have our own battery banks and our solar panels which some months allow us to slash 100% of our electricity bill.

I found out that a special type of battery was decidedly the best for battery banks and solar energy, thanks to its Electrical Deep Cycles property.

I’ll tell you exactly what kind of battery it is and exactly where to find it – but you’ll have to stay until the end.

And finally, we are safe.

I can sleep at night knowing that we will never be left in the dark.

The time we are living in is a mess. Taxes, unemployment, and financial insecurity are sky high … and will certainly go higher over the next few decades. Nearly all of the world’s major players are preparing for an alternative energy.

To me, it’s so obvious that we are about to experience a serious energy crisis, that I can’t believe people can deny this reality with a straight face.

Whatever the circumstances, storms or power outages, we will never be without our devices. And, most importantly, we will always be able to be with our life-saving devices.

I secured my family’s future and that’s what I am most proud of.

People started wondering how I would do it.

Let’s be honest, there is no genuine and professional information on the Internet.

You can see thousands of videos on Youtube.

None of them are liked and, if we take time to read the comments, can even provide false or dangerous advice.

Look at this one:

And this one:

Or this one:

You can also see numerous books on Amazon.

People aren’t satisfied there either.

This book for example:

And this one:

And it goes on…

Robert and I talked for a long time.

We couldn’t keep this information to ourselves anymore.

People out here were being misled – people like me.

They are wasting their time on useless videos, and spending money on worthless books.

They are also trying dangerous processes because of the misinformation that’s so widely available.

So it’s not your fault, if up until now you were wasting your batteries.

How could you know that it’s possible to completely recondition your batteries and bring them back to life with so little information, or even false information entirely?

You couldn’t.

It was not your fault.

We needed to share it with as many people as possible.

These B2L Blueprints are different because of the team Robert and I make.

He is an electrical engineer and I am not particularly skilled when it comes to batteries, or anything technical.

In order for these B2L Blueprints to help people, we had to make it clear.

We worked days and nights for weeks in order to make this information accessible to everyone.

After writing, explaining, drawing and taking pictures of every single step of the reconditioning process, we had one last test to do.

We picked one of our B2L Blueprint, we chose one dead battery.

We gave the battery and instructions to my daughter, and we told her to do it all by herself.

She did it.

Easily and fast.

My wife and I couldn’t believe it. 

My wife actually still can’t believe how any kind of dead batteries can be brought to life instantly thanks to these Blueprints.

And so the Back To Life (B2L) Blueprints were born.

The easiest step-by-step program to recondition any kind of dead batteries back to life, and back to full functionality.

Anyone is able to recondition any kind of battery with basic home tools in less than 5 minutes. My daughter did it, and since we published the B2L Blueprints, thousands more people around the world have reconditioned their batteries to 100% of their original conditions.

Before, many people had no clue how to recondition their dead batteries.

With the B2L Blueprints, you will be able to follow the exact instructions to recondition your batteries yourself.

Simple and straight to the point: watch exactly how to recondition your batteries.

We made sure to take as many pictures and include as many drawings as possible while we were creating them to keep these guides as simple as possible.

If you are looking for complex theory, and not clear step-by-step guides, these B2L Blueprints are not for you.

Following the B2L Blueprints is like watching me and Robert, the electrical engineer, doing the job for you.

I put 100% of myself into this project. I was working late and missing out on a lot of moments with my family because I know just how many people it will help. I wanted to make sure anyone could recondition their batteries as easily as possible. I asked dozens of professionals to help me make this guide into online books so you can download everything on your computer and use your B2L Blueprints anywhere you want.

As you remember, I was left in the middle of nowhere, alone. If by chance, I hadn’t met Robert, I don’t know what would have happened.

I don’t want you to experience that same traumatic situation.

Now, regardless of the specific scenario you find yourself in, you will be able to pull out your B2L Blueprints and immediately recondition your dead battery.

These B2L Blueprints are safe, easy and can be used by anyone.

Look at my proud daughter when she reconditioned her first doll’s batteries!

By the way..

You see the doll’s batteries in this picture?

We got them for free. 

Now, it’s time to reveal my secret place where you can find and take any kind of battery, completely for FREE.

Your Local Tire Recycling Center.

Sounds weird, right?

People secretly dump dozens of dead batteries with their tires because they want to get rid of them.

Go to your Local Tire Recycling Center and ask if they have any dead batteries they’d like to get rid off.

You will get them for free because they make their money off of tires, not batteries…

Now that you know my secret, there is nothing I can do to stop you from closing this page… and going out on your own to use this information yourself. But, on the other hand, why struggle to figure this out on your own when Robert and I can do all the hard work for you ?

People are saving thousands of dollars in batteries, and most of them have already started to recondition dead batteries to sell them as a side income.

Now, you are going to save a lot of money.

You’re never going to have to buy batteries for your car, or for your electronics again.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), each year Americans throw away more than three billion batteries.

With the B2L Blueprints, you are going to recondition all of your batteries, and never buy new ones ever again.

You are going to save the environment, but you are also going to save a lot of money.

Potentially thousands of dollars every year.

What will you do with this money?

Would you save it for an emergency? Give it away to your children, grandchildren, your church or favorite charity?

Would you take your family to the best restaurant in town more often?

Would you buy that special item you’re always thinking about, but can never justify spending your hard-earned money on?

Would you be proud to offer your relatives expensive presents for their birthdays?

Right now, you must be wondering how much the B2L Blueprints cost and how to get them.

The B2L Blueprints are UNIQUE.

They have not been written by weirdos or charlatans with little electrical knowledge. The B2L Blueprints have been written by Robert Davis. who is an electrical engineer.

Robert and I have perfected these B2L Blueprints. We took months to make them accessible to people of all skill-levels. Each step has been precisely photographed and written in the simplest language.

It’s important for you to understand that you will not waste your time with these B2L Blueprints. Whenever a battery dies, you’ll open your smartphone or your tablet, look for the type of battery and recondition them straight off the bat.

You won’t see bad information like on those weird videos on YouTube or in these fake books on Amazon.

I’d also like to insist on the fact that we created these B2L Blueprint to ensure safety for myself and my family.

Yes, you will save thousands of dollars.

But for me, the most important benefit was about making my family safe.

You will be able to bring any battery back to life, to 100% of their working condition.

You will not be left alone in the dark.

You will never have to experience a life changing experience like I did in the middle of nowhere.

What would happen if you were the one in the middle of nowhere with a dead car battery ?

What would happen if it were one of your loved ones ?

Never again will you be without any important device for the rest of your life.

You will make yourself and your family safe, like I did with mine.

And that’s the most important.

And so you have extra cash, not wasting it on new batteries month after month.

These B2L Blueprints will be forever with you—  you will be able to carry them with you and use this lifetime skill wherever you will be, with any kind of battery and bring them back to life. 


784 "Beta-Testers" Paid $499 ...

Now for these B2L Blueprints, we sold the first version to 784 “Beta-Testers” at the price of $499. And even though we are updating the B2L Blueprints every month, we thought it would be a no brainer. 

People kept sending us messages advising us to charge more.

We were charging nothing compared to the thousands of dollars saved from year to year, and the security of everyone’s family.

Our Beta-Testers loved this feeling of being in charge within their own family, and the absolute security they were providing them.

Robert and I discussed increasing our prices, but we didn’t want to make it about money.

Of course, we both knew that we worked hard to produce  such unique and priceless information.

But as I said in the beginning, and I’m sure you agreed with me already:

The times we are living in are a mess. Taxes, unemployment, and insecurity are sky high … and will certainly go higher over the next few decades.

Hard-working people need my help. And I know how valuable and helpful these B2L Blueprint would mean to them, and to you.

There is no way I could ask you to pay $499, even with a payment plan.

Before I tell you the price of the B2L Blueprints, let’s summarize what you are going to get today when you join us:

The B2L Blueprints feature information on how to recondition any battery, including:

And a FREE lifetime update.

But that’s not all…

You’ll also get access to My 3 Priceless Bonuses:

Bonus #1:
RCM - The Reconditioning Cash Machine - Become A Certified Reconditioning Expert And Promote Your Own Business

This is my own personal Blueprint.

After I lost my job, I started to recondition batteries for a living. I am teaching you exactly step-by-step how to become an expert and to sell reconditioned batteries for a profit.

Like me, you’ll be able to recondition FREE dead batteries and sell them for a profit. And this Bonus shows you exactly how.

Value : $97, but FREE with the B2L Blueprints if you join us today.

Bonus #2:
Be Your Own Energy Banker - How To Make Banks of Batteries And Have Infinite Energy

That was the first draft of our B2L Blueprints. We are teaching how to make your own Banks of Batteries to always have electricity at home.

Robert and I argued a little about a fair price for this invaluable information…

But we ultimately agreed to give it away for FREE if you join us today.

Value : $197, but FREE with the B2L Blueprints if you join us today.

Bonus #3:
The 3 Fingers Shutdown : Secrets To Saving Energy At Home That The Big Corporations Don’t Want You To Know

This bonus is surely the most controversial here.
But I am personally taking the risk.

You’ll learn how, with simple non-conventional tricks and hacks, you can slash your energy bills up to 84%.

Value : $79, FREE with the B2L Blueprints f you join us today.

These three bonuses are worth in total $373.

And if we add the price of the B2L Batteries, we are reaching a value of $872.

And you won’t find a better offer on the market..

Just look at this :

Someone tried to sell the B2L Blueprints and the bonuses for $1,000 on Craisgslist!

And it’s not even the last updated version of it, as I’m proud  to update the B2L Blueprints as much as possible for FREE.

As I said, I know times are hard for everyone, so you will not have to invest $872.

You won’t have to invest $499 as the Beta-Testers did.

I’m going to offer you to invest just a small fraction of this price in a minute..

But before disclosing the cost, I have to be strict on one point.

You’re not alone. I’ll be here the whole time answering your questions if you ever have any.

Members of the B2L Blueprints have access to VIP support, and I’m answering questions 24/7.

I have to admit that it bothers my wife, but she mostly got used to it.

I’m categorical, I do not want ANYONE to be stuck in the situation I was in.

So I will always be available for you, and you’ll have my personal email.

But there is one condition with that…

I can’t help everyone : Places are limited.

I want to make sure I can answer every question every member may have.

That includes giving email and telephone support as part of the investment of the B2L Blueprints. And since I don’t want to send any members to any overseas call centers, I have no choice but to keep the group small.

So, time is of the essence when it comes to making this decision.

I know it’s hard, but I have to reward those who are taking action to secure  their spot.

So Click On The Add To Cart Button Right Now While Places are still available.

If there is no button, I’m sorry, that means it’s too late and all our spots have been filled.

If you’re missing this opportunity, you’ll have to wait. 

I don’t want you to miss this opportunity.

Let me explain:

You are covered by my Guarantee

KE-RN: Keep Everything, Risk Nothing

When you are joining us today, you’re just agreeing to try the B2L Blueprints for yourself.

Your investment is refundable any time during 60 days. And all the bonuses you get are yours, no matter what.

This means there’s no risk to you at all.


Maybe right now, you don’t have any time to get into the B2L Blueprints.

But who knows?

Tomorrow might be already too late to join.

Here is what you have to do:

Secure your spot right now, and as soon as you have time, maybe on the next weekend, just download everything and start reconditioning.

The only thing that can’t wait is to secure your spot and join us right now.

You know, money comes and goes, but time doesn’t come back.

The only valuable resource is time.

Too many people put everything off until tomorrow.

Time you’re wasting does NOT come back.

And to help you take the right decision for you and your family, let me make a special offer.

You’ll get the B2L Blueprints, the bonuses, the VIP support and the 60 days RN-KE Guarantee for only $47.

To enjoy this all-time low price, you have to take action right now and click the “Add To Cart” button directly below.

Claim Your B2L Blueprints And Your Bonuses Now!

Claim Your B2L Blueprints And Your Bonuses Now!

Today $47!

Regular Price $872                                      Today $47!

One time payment. NO monthly charges. Instant access. 60 Days Money-back Guarantee.

You Can Review Your Order Before It's Final

You Can Review Your Order Before It's Final

You Can Review Your Order Before It's Final

Let’s see together how this work

Once you click on this button, you will be taken to a secure checkout page that looks like this. You can enter your basic information and complete your order.

Once it’s done, you’ll be redirected to your membership page, where you will be able to download all the B2L Blueprints, and print out as many copies as you want.

You’re 3 minutes and 43 seconds away from securing your family’s future and saving a lot of money.

And remember, you’re covered by my 60 Days RN-KE Guarantee. Click on the “Add To Cart Button”, Order Your B2L Blueprints and its Bonuses, Try everything and If you’re not Satisfied, You’ll get a full refund, no questions asked.

I am taking the risk for you right now. Click on the “Add To Cart” Button Right Now, Complete your order and join us risk-free. The B2L Blueprints will show you exactly how to recondition and bring any battery back to life and you will never have to buy any batteries anymore.

Not only will you save thousands of dollars a year, but you’ll also be proud of yourself knowing that your family is safe from any dangers or emergencies they might be facing due to battery-related issues.

Click on the “Add To Cart” Button Right Now.

Remember, to allow me to answer everyone personally, I am taking on a small group of motivated people. If you’re ready, now is your time to act quickly because I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity.

If you’ve watched my education video until now, you deserve to secure your spot and to radically change your way of spending with the B2L Blueprints.

Click on the “Add To Cart Button” and order your B2L Blueprints right now !!

Claim Your B2L Blueprints And Your Bonuses Now!

Claim Your B2L Blueprints And Your Bonuses Now!

Today $47!

Regular Price $872                                      Today $47!

One time payment. NO monthly charges. Instant access. 60 Days Money-back Guarantee.

You Can Review Your Order Before It's Final

You Can Review Your Order Before It's Final

You Can Review Your Order Before It's Final

So now it’s decision time. You’ve really just got two options…

Option #1 – You’re leaving this page and ignoring what I’ve shown you today about how to recondition your batteries, making your family safe and saving hundreds – even thousands- of dollars from these revolutionary B2L Blueprints. 

If you leave this page, by tomorrow you’ll forget about this proprietary system.

You’ll get back to your normal life and you will keep facing the same problem.

You’ll be frustrated each time because you have to buy new expensive batteries and you’ll end up wasting thousands of dollars throughout the year on new batteries.

And that’s fine.

You can do this if you want. It’s entirely within your rights. But if you’ve listened to me this far, you’ve seen how easy this can be.

Which brings us to …

Option #2 is to take action that will have an incredible impact on the rest of your life. Click the Add To Cart Button right now, fill out our secure order form, and dive in to get instant access  to all the B2L Blueprints and amazing bonuses. Again, all you have to do is click the Add to cart button right now. It will send you to a secure order form, and you can be up and running within 3 minutes from now.

As I said, it’s your choice now. But we both know you know exactly what to do. Click the Add to Cart button below and I’ll see you on the other side.

Claim Your B2L Blueprints And Your Bonuses Now!

Claim Your B2L Blueprints And Your Bonuses Now!

Today $47!

Regular Price $872                                      Today $47!

One time payment. NO monthly charges. Instant access. 60 Days Money-back Guarantee.

You Can Review Your Order Before It's Final

You Can Review Your Order Before It's Final

You Can Review Your Order Before It's Final

Frequently Asked Questions

Could you tell me what exactly are the B2L Blueprints?

The B2L Blueprints are step-by-step guides that show you exactly how to bring your batteries back to life . They’ve got plenty of  drawings, pictures and diagrams, ensuring it’ll be easy for you to know exactly what to do and where to do it on any dead battery you want to recondition.

Anyone can recondition any kind of dead battery thanks to the B2L Blueprints. You’ll have the VIP support 24/7 with Robert and I, watching over your shoulders, telling you exactly what to do.

It’s not a problem if you’re not good with the technical stuff or you don’t know anything about batteries because we made sure it is easy to follow (even my daughter is able to recondition her own doll batteries alone!). Most of the tools needed to recondition your battery are surely already in your kitchen or are available online.

Are there any monthly fees or hidden fees?

Let me be clear. The B2L Blueprints are a one time investment. You are just making a small tiny payment today and you will never be charged again. You will never be charged for membership fees or update fees.

All future updates will be free, and that’s how we show that we value our customers.

All you have to do is to click on the “Add to Cart Button”, make that small investment with the special price we are offering today and be absolutely sure that there will never be any fees or hidden costs afterwards.

Is it safe to order online on your website?

That’s a question even I find myself asking before purchasing anything online. Be sure that all your information is encrypted with 128 SSL.

Also, your payment will be processed by a company called Stripe. Stripe is the most secure company, boasting an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. More than 300 million transactions have been secured since they started and there have never been any problems on their end.

Keep in mind that you’re also protected by my 60 Days KE-RN Guarantee. Keep Everything, Risk Nothing: Click on the Add To Cart Below and complete your order to try our B2L Blueprints as if you’re not taking any risk today.

How do I get access to the B2L Blueprints? Do I have to pay for shipping?

That’s something we worked hard on. Once you order your B2L Blueprints, you will get instant access to all of our B2L Blueprints and the bonuses.

You will be able to download everything immediately on your phone, on your computer, and tablet. You will also be able to print as many copies as you want! You’re just 30 seconds from your instant access right now.

All you have to do is to click on the Add To Cart Button below, then complete the secure order form. Right after, you’ll immediately be able to download everything from the download page.

Claim Your B2L Blueprints And Your Bonuses Now!

Claim Your B2L Blueprints And Your Bonuses Now!

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You Can Review Your Order Before It's Final

You Can Review Your Order Before It's Final

You Can Review Your Order Before It's Final

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